Weddings take a lot of time, energy and resources, and no one understands that better than we do. We’re here to help ease the process of planning a wedding as much as we can. When you book with Reiley and Rose, besides beautiful wedding flowers, you’ll be receiving up to two one-hour consultations free of charge and a custom invoice hand crafted just for your wedding- which can be edited up to three times free of charge. 

The biggest question we have reguarding wedding flowers is pricing. Many factors go into determining the final price of a weddings florals. Season, quantities of blooms and designs needed, floral color choices, actual flower choices and design complexity will all have an impact on the floral bottom line.  Those are just a few of the variables to consider when pricing wedding flowers. The best way to get an idea of how much your wedding will cost floral wise, is to come in for a consultation. Below are some average prices some floral options typically run.

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