Stacy & Branden Mulholland

Stacy & Branden Mulholland
August 5th, 2017
New Braunfels, Texas

Venue: The Allen FarmhausNew Braunfels, Texas
Photographer & All Photo CreditsEffJay Photography
Bridal Portrait Photographer: Ashley Medrano Photography (Ashley just so happened to be Stacy's matron of honor)
Florals: Reiley and Rose

Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut of doing the same styled weddings OVER. AND. OVER. AGAIN. Same color palettes, same flowers and over-all, same exact look. It's inevitable. Pinterest tells brides what colors they should use and what flowers they should incorporate - trust me - we've seen the exact same Pinterest inspiration picture 20 times and we'll probably see it another 20 before the year is over. Sometimes it's a blessing - sometimes it's a curse. Ordering flowers tends to get easier every single time because we know the exact varieties and exact stems to go with. We get to push our creative limits to see how we can make the same exact flowers and designs - something new and different from the wedding before. We always love a good design challenge. But at the same time - it's a struggle. We struggle to not cave and use the same design we used the week before. We struggle to search for new and different blooms because - well, if it's not broke - don't fix it, right?

Stacy and Branden's wedding was the breath of fresh air we needed amongst the monotony of our summer weddings. 

A little back story - Branden and I both grew up in Seguin and went to Elementary school together. I can remember all of my girl friends always wanting to go down to the Little League Baseball fields because Branden was playing on the Rangers, let me tell you - he was quite the ladies man. Time passed on and I was a Sophomore in college when I met Stacy. She had started dating one of my good guy friends, Dean, and it was so nice to have another girl around the boys house. Stacy and I became good friends through our time hanging out with the boys. Long story short - Stacy and Dean broke up, and all of a sudden - Stacy was dating none-other than my elementary school friend, Branden. Talk about a small world.

Stacy knew right away she wanted their wedding to be very different - after being to many weddings herself, she wanted their wedding to be unique and different from all the others they had been to. And different is what we did. Stacy had the idea to have a Fiesta Themed wedding - she had me hooked from then on. Bright florals, margaritas and taco bars - Stacy thought through every last detail to make their wedding the perfect Farmhaus Fiesta. And that it was!