Zach & Samantha Hodges

Zach & Samantha Hodges
October 22, 2016 - Faith Lutheran Church
Seguin, Texas

VenueLost Mission - Spring Branch, Texas
Photographer and all photo creditsAkil Bennett Portrait Photography - Houston
Personal FloralsReiley and Rose
Reception Florals: A Day to Remember Event Planning - Houston

Growing up, Samantha was always the girl I constantly looked up to. Smart, beautiful, funny and a smile and laugh that can brighten any mood, Samantha had it all - in fact, she still does. Not only does Samantha have this radiating personality, her parents do too - being around Samantha and The Andrews is always filled with tons of love and laughter. In elementary school Samantha and I were often times mistaken for each other, and being called Samantha's twin was the biggest compliment 3rd grade Megan could have ever received. I can't think of a woman more deserving of a wonderful, Godly love, than Samantha. I'm so happy that Zach came into Samantha's life at just the right time and has made her the happiest girl in the world (as if she wasn't already). 

It's hard to put into words exactly how honored and touched I am to have had the opportunity to be apart of Zach and Samantha's big day not only as a guest, but as her floral designer for her personal flowers as well. 

Samantha, Zach - Mike, Candi - and even the Kusak Clan; your love and support not only now in my business, but throughout my whole life means the world to me, and I love you all so very much!